Workshops & Training

EMS Pro Workshop(for OEMs) 

The industry’s most advanced, live and fully interactive, workshop for those OEMs looking for the complete ‘behind the curtain’ look at the inner-workings of the EMS industry.  

Includes dozens of insider insights, EMS tools, internal metrics, industry practices, financial models and business management techniques that are used every day, around the world. 

Each workshop is completely updated with real-time industry data, approaches and practices and is customized for the specific client with like-kind, scale-appropriate, case studies, and application examples. 

Bottom-line, the EMS Pro Workshop is the definitive training curriculum on Outsourcing and has been taught to hundreds of participants for over 7 years! 

    Global OEM/CEO… “This is information only CBA provides!”  

(Note: All workshop attendees must be full-time employees of the hosting company; call for pricing and available dates.)

Programs & Account Management Training(for EMS) 

Working with New Customers

The Art of securing and Providing Service to New Customers

  1. Managing the Market (versus the message)
  2. Leadership (leading vs. following)
  3. Terms & Conditions (contract vs. PO, credit, expectations vs. agreements)
  4. Responsiveness (Communications, RFQ, Orders, Changes)
  5. Commitment (when, why and how)
  6. Closing the Loop (the never-end story)

Working with Existing Customers 

 Organic growth & margin optimization

  1. Real, relative & imagined value
  2. The improbability of a zero-slope
  3. ‘More bars in more places’ is a value proposition
  4. Art of discovery versus the discipline of demand
  5. The beans are on the wrong side of the shelf
  6. A penny saved is a penny earned, fewer taxes

Working with Operations

Principles of the interface that actually work in the real world

  1. Who, What, Where; defining the action, cost and benefit
  2. I’m too little, I can’t do it or I don’t know…is never the answer
  3. To escalate or not to escalate… is never the question
  4. Manufacturing is done on the factory floor not the telephone
  5. Help me help you is not the same as I feel your pain
  6. When all else fails try being part of the solution

SWOT Analysis  (2 Hours)

 Leveraging S’s, Minimizing W’s, Exploiting O’s, and Dealing with T’s

  1. Strengths: Experience and Potential
  2. Weaknesses: Legacy Quality & Delivery Issues
  3. Opportunities: New horizons & regional businesses
  4. Threats: Primary = Internal  (i.e. focus and mission), Secondary = External (i.e. legacy; quality & delivery).

Tier 2 EMS… “Program Managers benefit when they understand more fully what their role is . . . (the CBA) the webinar helped us see how our Program Managers should be positioned as well as what their mindset and outlook should be”.

(Note: A four-part interactive program taught either online or in person, workshop attendees must be full-time employees of the hosting company; call for pricing and available dates.)