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CBA Publishes ONC Special Report on South America

08-27-2013 - CBA has released its latest Special Report to members of the Outsourcing Navigator Council. The report is titled Electronics Manufacturing in South America: Market Potential, Infrastructure and Geopolitical Risk in Six Countries.

Beyond Outsourcing Blog #4: Outsourcing Alternatives

08-05-2013 - As we have been discussing in this blog series, the industry has been responding to the Top Ten Trends . However, the windows of opportunity that have opened are not widely recognized among midmarket OEMs. Global capacity is shifting dramatically, and major upheavals in the mega-sized high volume OEM community ripple out into the broader midmarket electronics industry.

Why the EMS Industry Rated a “C” for Its HR Practices

07-17-2013 - On May 29, 2013 Charlie Barnhart & Associates, LLC (CBA) released its first ever report focused exclusively on Human Resource (HR) practices in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry.

Beyond Outsourcing Blog #3: OEM’s Risk Assessment of EMS Services

06-07-2013 - When we asked OEMs to rank EMS service offerings in terms of level of risk in engaging with them, we found out that the conventional wisdom about outsourcing, once again, is wrong.

CBA’s Eric Miscoll Publishes New Report: “Assessing the Human Element in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)”

05-29-2013 - Southlake, Texas. May 29, 2013. Charlie Barnhart & Associates’s latest report is a ground-breaking analysis of the EMS industry’s human resource management capabilities. As in most services business, the importance of people to the industry’s bottom line cannot be overstated.

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