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High Velocity Means High Risk

12-02-2014 - “Paranoia is only a disease when it is unjustified.”

Common Sense, Human Nature and the Fundamental Tenets of Business

11-18-2014 - When navigating in the outsourcing skyline it’s good to do so without any Chaff floating around from misunderstandings related to Common Sense, Human Nature, and the Fundamental Tenets of Business.

Charlie Barnhart to Address Two SMTA Chapter Meetings

08-05-2014 - Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC (CBA) announces that its Founder and Principal, Charlie Barnhart, will be speaking at two local SMTA Chapter meetings in August 2014.

Right-shoring - Good News for Mexico, right?

01-03-2014 - The future looks bright for the electronics manufacturing sector in Mexico, not least in the outsourced sector of the market.

Phil Stoten interviews Eric about CBA’s new TCO tool

10-10-2013 - Charlie Barnhart & Associates have released a powerful new tool – TCO (True Cost of Ownership). EMSNow asked Eric Miscoll about the background and use of the tool.

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