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An Interesting Read

02-26-2010 - A recent report describes an audit conducted by Apple Computer of its suppliers that uncovered 17 core violations pertaining to Corporate Social Responsibility at 60 facilities. These violations included excessive recruitment fees, use of non-certified vendors for hazardous waste disposal and falsified records. At least one supplier was terminated as the audit found the same problem had been uncovered the year before.

Economist article compares China 2010 with Japan in the 1980's

02-15-2010 - This link is an interesting examination of the current economic situation in China and how this reality compares and contrasts with Japan's golden decade of the 1980s.

The Value of Small (or not too big)

02-04-2010 - I received some good feedback after my last column about what EMS need to do to get healthy. Most of it was from colleagues working at smaller tier EMS.

CBA Launches New European Study

01-27-2010 - CBA, a research and consultancy focused on the intersection between electronics OEMs and their EMS suppliers, has launched a new research study that will compile and analyze business intelligence about the Western European EMS industry.

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